LF1325LC Metal and non matel laser cutting machine

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LF1325LC 光纤&二氧化碳光纤激光切割机

Product description:

LF1325LC laser cutting machine can process metal and non-metal materials at the same time, suitable for sheet metal cutting and stainless steel cutting. It is a more versatile machine which is widely used in many industries higher applicability. LF1325LC is equipped with both optical fiber laser and CO2 glass laser fiber laser source and CO2 being a powerful tool in many industries.

LF1325LC Features of machine
1. The world's first technology that can cut metal and non-metal materials at the same time;
2. Equipped with CO2 laser tube, achieving a multi-purpose machine to help customers expand production;
3. World-class laser source and laser head brand with more stable performance;
4. Precision rail drive system and imported servo motor, higher configuration;
5. A new generation of bed manufacturing process and longer machine life;
6. New aviation aluminum beam, lighter weight, 2 times faster machine speed;

Technical Parameters

Machine model LF1325LC
Laser power 500w Fiber laser source   150w CO2 laser source
Working area 2500mm*1300mm
Cutting thickness 20mm (Depend on materials)
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max.Running Speed 30m/min
Transmission Imported TBI ball screw
Specified voltage and frequency 220V  50Hz

Industry Application

Due to the versatility of the LF1325LC, it is play an important role in the cutting of sheet metal and non-metallic materials such as wood and Plexiglas-glass. For machines that require metal and non-metallic materials, this machine is the best choice. 

Applicable material 

Laser Power:  500W-1000W (Optional) LF1325LC laser cutting machine.  Professional cutting of 0.5 ~ 10 mm carbon steel plate, 0.5 ~ 8mm stainless steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic metal plate, 0.5-3mm aluminum alloy, 0.5-5mm brass and copper and other metal materia Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel copper, brass, silicon steel, galvanized steel sheet, nickel titanium alloy, inconel, titanium alloy, acrylic, MDF, Die board, etc.

Sample display

LF1325LC 二氧化碳&光纤激光切割机-切割样品

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