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4 Tips for cutting round hole on metal sheet

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Because of the flexibility and efficiency of laser cutting (, conventional round hole cutting has been realized by fiber laser cutting machine, products made by fiber laser cutter not only smooth section, but the processing aperture can be flexible to change to meet the needs of the diversification.

However, using G.WEIKE laser cutting machine ( to process round holes also requires some skills, pay attention to the following matters, can make the process more smooth:

Without suitable gas pressure
In the process of cutting, when the air pressure is too small, there will be edge scraping, and if the air pressure is too it’s easy to have hole blasting.

Too small diameter

The best way for laser cutting machine is to cut round hole at 1:1, what means that the smallest diameter of the round hole should not be smaller than the thickness of the sheet metal materials. Ant at the same time, when the diameter is bigger, the cutting result will be better.

Wrong servo motor technician parameter

Circular holes sometimes appear elliptical or irregular, which is related to the motion mismatch of the axis. And the direct reason for the mismatch of the X/Y axis motion is the improper adjustment of the servo motor parameters.

Error of guide rail

If the wrong servo motor parameter affects the cutting quality, then the accuracy error of the guide rail and the lead screw will also directly lead to the accuracy of the circular hole is not up to expectations.

So, G.WEIKE LASER advise you to choose famous brand fiber laser cutter. Focus on cutting quality of fiber laser machine, to identify the quality of the laser cutting machine you purchased.