The Top 10 Laser Cutting Machine Brand

The Top 10 Laser Cutting Machine Brand

We believe that many people will be in trouble in choosing when they buy laser cutting machines. Needs for different industries for laser cutting requirements are not the same. However, when customers choose machines, most people still believe in brand effects. Now, when laser cutting technology has matured, we have to say that the development of laser cutting machines in recent years has indeed been swift and violent, as the best way of metal processing in the new era. Laser cutting machine can be said to be the product of modern technology. It replaced the traditional machine knife with a “beam of light.” Easy to solve the trouble caused by traditional processing methods, is a more efficient and high quality processing means. What are the excellent laser cutting machine manufacturers? Today we’ll take stock of the top 10 brands of laser cutting machines in 2018.


Trumpf Founded in 1923, Trumpf is a mechanical manufacturing company that developed into one of the world’s leading machine tool, laser technology and industrial electronics companies. Currently, the company has 12,000 employees and achieved sales of 3,111 million euros in the 2016-2017 fiscal year.


Bystronic was founded in 1964 when Bystronic Maschinen AG was founded in Bützberg. The company’s name is a combination of the names of its three founders, Byland, Schneider and Trösch. Bystronic Maschinen AG started its business abroad in 1978 and established a US branch. In 1990, Bystronic Laser AG established its first foreign service and sales company in Germany. In 1991, it established branches in Italy and Sweden, and in 1996 established branches in Singapore and France. In the context of the exhibition in September 2013, Bystronic demonstrated cross-process innovation in the “world-class manufacturing” theme. The exhibition focus on efficiency, cost savings and streamlined process solutions. Customers and guests from all over the world visited the exhibition.

3.Epilog Lasers

Since 1988, Epilog Lasers has been a leader in the laser engraving, cutting and marking industry. Epilog’s original idea was to bring the CO2 laser engraving system to customers, but they certainly didn’t stop it. After years of development, the CO2 metal marking machine was developed in 2006. In 2008, Epilog introduced the industry’s first low-costCO2 laser engraving system, the Epilog Zing laser. Since 1998, Epilog has been developing for 30 years, from the creation of the first laser to the direct printing from CorelDraw to the design of the first rotating shaft, the production and manufacture of the first large-station laser with a power of more than 100W. Epilog is known for performing useful features.


LVD comes from its three founders, Mr. Jacques Lefebvre, Marc Vanneste and Mr. Robert Dewulf. Founded in 1952, LVD is widely recognized as a manufacturer of precision bending machines. The company saw significant growth in the 1990s, including the 1998 acquisition of Strippit company, a company that makes turret presses, and the start of production of laser cutting machines, making LVD the leader in laser, punching and bending technologies. Today, we provide a comprehensive solution for sheet metal processing. There are 5 production bases around the world and are active in 45 countries, following the principle of providing local sales and services to all regions.

5.Penta laser

El.En Group, founded in Florence in 1981, is famous for producing high power CO2 lasers and laser cutting machine, laser medical equipment, 20 branches in the world, listed in Milan in 2000. Is one of the few companies in the world with both laser and cutting machine technology. Over 90% of the machine parts are imported. Italian engineers supervise the assembly and quality control of the products and implement European standards, the product performance is stable and reliable. The company has laser and cutting machine tools dual-core technology, making the company’s after-sales service faster, more controllable, more perfect, and lower service costs. Penta laser, as the backbone enterprise of high power laser processing equipment manufacturing in China, is the leading brand of high power laser cutting equipment technology and export brand.Penta laser has always been committed to the “laser application experts, for customers to create value.” It’s willing to lead with customers the laser application technology innovation equipment high-tech enterprises.

6.G.WEIKE Laser

G.WEIKE Laser, founded in 2004, focuses on fiber laser cutting machines for 15 years. Before 2014, G.WEIKE laser mainly supply laser cutting machines OEM service for BOSS LASER, FULL SPECTRUM LASER, LAGUNA TOOL, КАМИ and other famous European and American brands. Produce the machine in accordance with European and American standards, and the products have been tested by local CE, FDA European and American engineers. The main accessories are imported from Europe and America.In 2014, G.WEIKE laser began to promote G.WEIKE own brand, with low brand awareness, relatively cheap products and high cost performance.G.WEIKE laser, as a leading R&D manufacturer of laser intelligent application equipment in the North China, it has been leading the innovation and upgrading of laser equipment, providing laser intelligent equipment to global customers. Since its establishment in 2004, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of “set up enterprises with technology and quality first”, take the customer as the most important center, focus on every detail of R&D and production seriously. To ensure the performance and quality of each equipment, in more than 100 countries and regions around the world stable operation. G.WEIKE laser purchased 4 production bases of Jinan economic development zone, based on its own industry, laid out the industry chain of laser intelligent equipment, and made every effort to provide customers with efficient enterprises services. With its professional R&D team and 24*7 responsible after-sales team, timely and fast help customers solve problems. As one of the fist company which passed the EU CE certification, American FDA certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and Alibaba SGS Enterprise Certification, G.WEIKE has been OEM of many world first-class companies for many years. For Industry 4.0 era, G.WEIKE laser dedicated to industrial manufacturing to provide flexible production solutions, to help “made-in-China” be the world proud of its good quality!


As a leader in sheet metal processing machinery and systems, Prima-Power is one of the most extensive manufacturers of products in this field, covering all applications of laser processing, stamping, shearing, bending and automation.
Its manufacturing plants are located in Italy, Finland, the United States and China. Its equipment and systems are exported from these countries to all over the world.Its production lines include punch, laser, composite machine, bending, production line and software, covering all stages of sheet metal processing.As an indisputable leader in the field of 3D laser equipment, Prima-Power offers a comprehensive 3D laser processing solution from cutting, welding to surface treatment. In the field of thermoforming, Prima-Power is one of the largest suppliers of 3D laser cutting equipment in the world.

8.Yamazaki Mazak

Machine tools are called “mother machines” because they are used to produce other machines that can produce almost everything people use in our daily life. Therefore, machine tools play a very important role in supporting the foundation of the world’s manufacturing industry. As a machine tool manufacturer, Yamazaki Mazak‘s mission is to enrich our daily lives by developing machines that can produce high-precision components and reduce processing time.Mazak developed unique products, achieved unparalleled productivity, and established 81 technology and technology centers around the world to provide customers with comprehensive solutions and best service support till now.
In addition, Mazak started manufacturing machine tools abroad earlier than other Japanese machine tool manufacturers-since 1974, it has set up manufacturing plants in the United States, UK, Singapore and China. Mazak is the first machine tool manufacturer that has established a global manufacturing base. By leveraging local manufacturing plants and a global support base, it provides enhanced services and support and build strong relationships with our customers.

9.AMADA Group

AMADA Group consists of about 91 subsidiaries, affiliated companies, its main business is metal processing machinery, equipment manufacturing, sales, leasing, repair, maintenance, spot inspection and inspection.
Mainly engaged in sheet metal machinery, cutting and steel structure, machine tools, press and precision welding as the center of the five processing machinery, in addition to provide control of these processing machinery computer, software and peripheral equipment, Mold and even maintenance and other solutions services. As a comprehensive manufacturer of metalworking machinery, AMADA makes a contribution to the development of manufacturing industry while thinking about what customers need most from the perspective of customers.As a comprehensive manufacturer of metal processing machinery, AMADA has carried out five major businesses based on sheet metal, cutting, machine tool, press and precision welding. From mobile phones, smartphones, stationery to lights, elevators and even aircraft and rockets that we come into contact with every day, we’re using sheet metal components. AMADA’s sheet metal business, from machines, control software, peripherals, consumables, to maintenance services. Provide one-stop solution.

10.Han’s Laser

Founded in 1996 in Shenzhen, China, Han’s Laser has maintained a very strong competitiveness since its inception, the company is strong, claiming to be one of the most globally competitive brands in the laser equipment industry. Its many subsidiaries sell laser cutting machine equipment. Strong R&D strength, the company has hundreds of R&D team, with a number of international invention patents and domestic patents, computer software copyright. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2004, the company employs more than 10, 000 people worldwide and has a total assets of more than 7 billion rmb.