Arbitrary rotation of cutting head, special-shaped surface processing tool

The three-dimensional five-axis linkage cutting head is independently developed, which can realize N*360° rotation and ±135° swing, showing flexible processing strength. The three-dimensional modeling process is formed in one time, and the efficiency and accuracy are double guaranteed.

Autonomous research and development laser head

5 axis laser cutter combined with optical principles, mathematical algorithms, etc., solve the problem of unlimited rotation technology.
With anti - collision function, effectively protect the safety of the laser head when running.

Elevated gantry structure, double excellent speed and accuracy

Elevated gantry structure + precision servo drive + multi-axis linkage, supported by CAE scientific analysis data, the whole machine structure and core are not finely designed to ensure the dynamic performance and stability of the whole 5 axis laser cutter.

Efficient: The cutting time of a single B -pillar can reach less than 50s, and the rotation station rotates no more than 3 seconds;
Stability: 7X24 hours continuously run, 5 axis laser cutter using modular design, core components use international brands;
Safety: Meet the CE/CDRH related standards, which meet the general safety standards of the automotive industry

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-M3015G
Distance X axis≥3000mm, Y axis≥1500mm, Z axis≥650mm
Speed X/Y/Z axis≥100m/min
Acceleration X/Y/Z axis≥1g
Positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis±0.05mm
Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis±0.03mm
Three-dimensional five-axis cutting head  
Distance C axis Nx360°, A axis±135°
Speed C/A axis≥90r/min
Acceleration C/A axis≥90rad/s²
Positioning accuracy C/A axis±0.015°
Repeat positioning accuracy C/A axis±0.005°

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