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    Project Description

    LF1800 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

    Product description

    The LF1800 sheet metal laser cutting machine adopts a more flexible mechanical arm design and is the preferred machine for processing some complicated metals, stainless steel and other raw materials in the automotive industry. As a sheet metal laser cutting machine, it can also be used as a laser pipe cutting machine. The applicability is high and the cutting materials are more diversified.

    LF1800  Features of machine

    1. Single robotic structure for more flexible machining, 360° no dead angle cutting;
    2. Imported original servo Motor, Japan Fanuc robot arm;
    3. Intelligent operating system on base of Windows, easy to operate;
    4. The machining of arbitrary curve and specific curve in 3d space can be realized;
    5. The combination of industrial robots and laser technology can better realize metal processing;
    6. Cutting and forming once, no need for secondary processing, reducing costs and saving materials.

    Technical Parameters

    Machine modelLF1800
    Laser power500W 750W 1000W(Optional)
    Working area1800mm
    Laser typeImported fiber laser source
    Repeated positioning accuracy±0.15mm
    InstallationFloor stand/ Hang upside down/ Wall mounted

    Industry Application

    The three-dimensional robot is widely used in automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding industries. The 360-degree rotating robotic arm can precisely process the sheet metal parts of the above industries to meet the production needs.

    Applicable material

    Laser Power: 500W-1000W (Optional) LF1800 laser cutting robot is used for cutting of different thickness and different shape metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, titanium alloy, copper, brass and aluminum profiles. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing, medical equipment, Hardware manufacturing, metal external processing services and other manufacturing industries.

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