How to switch on and off the fiber laser cutter correctly step by step

When we switch on the fiber laser cutter machine, we must follow the right steps, because it can prolong the work life of the cutter machine. Here are the steps to turn on the G.WEIKE fiber laser cutting machine.
1.Check if there is anything around the machine that affects the work of the machine.
2.Main power switch and branch control power switch of fiber laser cutter machine.
3.Turn on the stabilizer to check whether the it works normally.
4.Turn on fiber laser source power switch, let fiber laser with air conditioning work for more than 30 minutes.
5.Turn on the fiber laser power supply switch for 20 minutes, then turn on the air compressor. Make sure that the air compressor is in normal condition.
6.Turn on the air flow control valve and air dryer, check whether the air dryer is in normal condition, and check the air pressure to make sure if the air pressure is normal.
7.Turn on the cutting assist gas control valve according to the cutting requirement to check whether the assist gas pressure is normal.
8.Turn on the machine work bed power switch, press the power button to start the machine tool control system, when the control system starts normally, the machine tool returns to the origin.
9.The switch on power supply of high power fiber laser such as LF3015GR need to work for more than 30 minutes and then turn on the water chiller till it’s work normally.
10.Turn on the air extractor or dust collector, check that the air extractor or dust collector is in normal condition, and the optical fiber laser cutting machine enters the standby state.

Following are the steps to turn off the G.WEIKE fiber laser cutter machine
1.Preparation before Turn off.
A.Firstly, move the cutting head to the highest point and stop the X,Y axis in a safe position.
B.Move exchange work bed to stop in a secure position.
2.Turn off the laser high voltage, turn off the laser low voltage, wait about 3 minutes then turn off the total power supply. Turn off all key switches on the laser cabinet and remove them.
3.Press the button on the side of the machine control panel and turn off the key switch, then remove the key. Exit the operation page of the control system, and then turn off the power supply.
4.Power off chiller and dryer.
5.Power off the stabilized power supply.
6.Turn off all the assist gases.
7.Turn off the power supply of air compressor.